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The Technology For Your Psychology

Tools and techniques the clinicians can use and recommend for their patience as part of a comprehensive  Lifestyle Medicine Approach.

During a traumatic experience, the body goes through profound changes, these changes have become clearer over the past 5-7 years because of breakthroughs in brain scans (MRI).  According to Harvard research shows that the medial prefrontal cortex shuts down during stress.  Big Trauma (such as the combat soldier returning from war) causes a person to live in a hypersensitive state to ensure that an intense life-threatening, experience doesn't happen again!  On the other spectrum little (T) traumas which include universal stress in life such as a breakup, job loss big move or minor traffic accident... in some people, can trigger a significant stress response in the body.  Trauma is a condition under which your body continues to get triggered into living an old situation as if you are back there again. " says Dr. Bessel A van De Kolk" a clinical psychiatrist and founder of the Trauma t Brookline MA. Becuase trama has so many physical effects it's clear to Vander Kolk why it's important to move beyond simply talking " ... feeling that somebody understands your suffering is enormously comforting.  But it doesn't make your body know that you are safe.  The real method is "resetting your physiology" Both Moore & Bander Kolk recommend yoga & breath work as a body-based therapy for releasing trauma.  The simple act of moving the body can create a major sense of accomplishment for people whose bodies have been frozen or numbed by their experience.

The teaching provides a practical framework to experience the peace of mind and fulfillment we seek.

Just as the physical sciences investigate the laws of the external universe, Joy Jangdhari joins you in the "Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!" program. This CE- CEU program "The Technology for your Psychology" gives the participants the tools for accessing and beginning to understand the internal landscape, the nature of our conscious and unconsciousness.  We are citizens of two worlds-the outer world of names and forms and the inner world of thoughts, desires, and emotions. To live life fully, authentically and joyfully, we must learn to act skillfully according to our objective knowledge of both worlds. As you learn to master your internal states by harmonizing the body and mind the vast, hidden power of the unconscious mind will become healthier more creative and rewarding in relationships and experiences. The education that helps with the loss of control and the feelings of arousal to be able to be proactive rather than reactive.  These tools and techniques you will learn will help your client with a number of helpful tools and techniques with climbing the emotional hill.  That's what makes this CEU course so exciting and so potential reaching.

CE-CEU Joy Jangdhari Facilitator

Providing cutting-edge tools for healing

"Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!" For all those seeking excellence performance to optimal performance let us help you achieve these goals.


This program has been part of CAM program and is being integrated to a different degree and they are proving to be highly effective as part of the model to restore health, but also a prevention of disease. What is CAM? It is an acronym for complementary and alternative medicine and as stress reduction and science of the mind. Programs for CE and CEU education. This program is also used for personal and professional development for business and corporate wellness programs.

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Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!

CE-CEU Course objectives

Participants will be able to describe: "The Living Life As A Joyful Being: Be ready for whatever life brings!

Modle of observation

The process of "Looking Within"‚Äč

How to avoid traps that engage clients using the core skills of "Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready whatever life brings!"

Self - Talk and how the client's self-talk affects the story they live into.

16600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

In the practice, by using breath work you will deepen your awareness of thoughts, words, and action. 

16600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

Oct 10

Learn how to let go of the past, begin to release what you no longer need and plant the seeds of new experiences.

Oct 10

Changing Mental Software- The mediation process provides a reliable, systematic method for creatively rewriting the current limiting software of the mind.