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The Technology for your Psychology

This Education is for the Law Enforcement Personnel to learn skills to deflect a situation and be the calm in the storm. The tools and techniques include Stress Management,  Establish a balance in life, Choosing your actions with mindful attention and discrimination.

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 Learn the skills to be Proactive, balanced and right decision making for whatever life brings!

Motive - means opportunity in the past we have look at motive as either a need or a greed now we understand that a person can be motivated by something he doesn't even understand. " Looking beyond the obvious impulses.   the 3 pillars of a criminal investigation in the last century we see the motives are more elusive " What + Why + Who? What happened? Why did it happen that way which should lead to who did it?

The question is not only why the person did the act,  but why did they do it this way?  We are now talking about The technology of the psychology.  When you are involved in a negotiation with the person is standing right in front of you but you have to engage in how much destruction he is capable of.  What in his background or in his personal life could have triggered today's standoff?  We ask what happened and why did it happen that way, which narrows the search of who did it but what if the person is not rational?  The question is why do we behave the way we do?  The greatest minds in history have bee fascinated in the minds of behavior.  How to not panic when the riddle can't be solved right away.  What do you really know about the person?  How did he become the person he is today?  What is the story that was created to create the scenario of the motive of this action? Now, this is where the Law Enforcement comes in to bring order in.  Observing the story that was created to justify the incident,  How stories are created? The lost of control of the senses and how to control the senses. 

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